Organisations active in India

Young Women's Christian Association of the Netherlands
F.C. Dondersstraat 23
3572 JB Utrecht
Tel:030 - 271 55 25
Fax:030 - 272 28 36

The World YWCA was founded in 1894 by four associations: Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. YWCA work had first begun in Britain when Christian women responded to the housing, recreation, and spiritual needs of young girls who had migrated to the cities during the Industrial Revolution. Since that time the YWCA has grown into global movement of women that continues to meet the needs of women and girls in over 110 countries worldwide.

The vision of the World YWCA is of a fully inclusive world where justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and care for the environment are promoted and sustained through women's leadership.

Each local YWCA is an autonomous community-based nongovernmental organization. As a non-profit membership association, each YWCA is run by and for women of the community and their families.

Local YWCAs are affiliated to the national YWCA of their country. The World YWCA unites and coordinates 100 affiliated national associations.

YWCA programmes and services vary according to the needs of the women in the community. YWCA work can include leadership training, hostels for young women in need of housing, income-generating projects, health programmes, shelters for victims of violence, vocational skills training, development projects, and organizing to promote women's rights. YWCA programmes for families include pre-schools, day and after school care, and activities for older people.

YWCA has several branches in India. The address of the national office is:
Young Women's Christian Association of India
10 Sansad Marg
New Delhi 110 001
Tel:011 - 334 0294/336 1561
Fax:011 - 334 1763
Some of the projects covered by YWCA of India are:
  • Urban Development Project
  • Girl Child Centre
  • Women's Technical Training Institute
  • Family Life Education for Young Girls (FLAG)