Organisations active in India

Landelijke Vereniging van Wereldwinkels
Catharijnesingel 82
3511 GP Utrecht
Tel:030 - 231 63 12
Fax:030 - 230 04 40

For over 30 years the Landelijke Vereniging van WereldWinkels (LVWW ) offers small southern producers access to the western market. LVWW offers support and advice. Over 12.000 people sell the product from 40 developing countries including India in more than 400 shops. A 'WereldWinkel' can be found in almost in all the major towns of the Netherlands.

WereldWinkels, Worldshops, world shops or Fair Trade Shops are retail outlets that practice the principles of fair trade. The start of the movement is usually attributed to the first worldshop in Europe, which was founded by Oxfam (Oxford Committee for Famine Relief) in 1959. The Max Havelaar label, which is used on fair trade products, has its roots in the 1980s worldshop movement.

Worldshops' aim is to make trade as direct and fair with the trading partners as possible. Usually, this means a producer in a developing country and consumers in industrialized countries. The worldshops' target is to pay the producers a fair price that guarantees substinence and guarantees positive social development. They often cut out any intermediaries in the import chain. The functions of Worldshops normally include:
  • selling fairly traded products (crafts, textiles, homeware, gifts, clothing, tea, coffee and other provisions)
  • raising consumer awareness about the issues behind the concept via exhibitions, campaigns, information, etc.
The LVWW is a prominent member of the Network of European World Shops(NEWS). Through this organisation they co-operate with both the International Federation for Alternative Trade ( IFAT) and the Fair Trade Labelling Organisation (FLO).