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VSO - Voluntary Service Overseas Netherlands
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Voluntary Service Overseas was founded by the late Alec and Mora Dickson with backing from Inter Church Aid (now Christian Aid) and the late Bishop of Portsmouth. VSO is an international development charity that works through volunteers. VSO's vision is a world without poverty in which people work together to fulfil their potential. VSO We brings people together to share skills, creativity and learning to build a fairer world.

VSO welcomes volunteers from an ever increasing range of countries, backgrounds and ages. National agencies in Canada, Kenya, the Netherlands, the Philippines and India recruit volunteers from many different countries worldwide and this international approach allows VSO to combine and learn from a rich variety of perspectives. VSO Nederland is was established in 1989.

VSO has a very individual 'people to people' approach to development. Instead of sending food or money, VSO sends women and men from a wide range of professions who want the chance to make a real difference in the fight against poverty. These volunteers work in partnership with colleagues and communities to share skills and learning and jointly achieve change. VSO commits to long-term development goals and long-term partnerships and focus on sustainable development rather than the short-term relief of certain problems.

VSO also works to address the structural inequalities and barriers that prevent people from exercising their rights. VSO uses their experience and their supporter networks to work for changes in policy and practice - in rich and poor countries - that reduce disadvantage.

VSO is by far the largest independent volunteer-sending agency in the world. Since 1958, they have sent out more than 29,000 volunteers to work in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, the Pacific region and, more latterly, Eastern Europe in response to requests from our overseas partners.

VSO was voted top international development charity in the International Aid and Development category at the Charity Awards 2004 for its work in promoting innovative approaches to globalising volunteering.

VSO has an office in India. VSO's overall aim in India is to support local non-government organisations (NGOs) that can reach the poorest and most marginalised communities. In particular, VSO supports organisations working with and for disabled people and people with HIV and AIDS, and which support these and other disadvantaged groups to gain equal access to mainstream development opportunities and services as a fundamental human right.