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Tilapia International Foundation
Kanalstraat 20
3531 BM  Utrecht
Tel:030 - 294 87 00
Fax:030 - 293 68 10

Mail address:
P.O. Box 2375

Tilapia is a type of fish and are native to Africa, but have been introduced in many countries around the world. They are disease-resistant, reproduce easily, eat a wide variety of foods and tolerate poor water quality with low dissolved oxygen levels. Most will grow in brackish water and some will adapt to full strength sea water. These characteristics make tilapia suitable for culture in most developing countries. They are most often grown in ponds, cages and rice fields. The ease with which tilapia spawn and produce offspring makes them a good fish to culture.

Mgr. Dr. Jan D. F.Heine established the Tilapia International Foundation with the aim of helping the poor in de developing countries and provide them with a easy and cheap source of food. From a small begining now Talipai Internaional has grown to an International organisations with branches in different countries in the world. Under the technical guidence of TIF, the foundation promotes the cultivation of Tilapia by the local population in the developing countries. Where and when possible TIF gives a small financial injection to start the project. The motto of TIF is "JE DOIS FAIRE"

For information please contact: Mr. B. Heijne