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Stichting Max Havelaar
Lucasbolwerk 7
3512 EG Utrecht
Tel::030 - 233 70 70
Fax:030 - 233 29 92

Mail address:
Postbus 1252
3500 BG Utrecht

The Max Havelaar Foundation strives towards fair and just relations world-wide. Central to its policy is sustainable production, trade and consumption. The Max Havelaar Foundation offers access to international trade with good conditions for farmers and workers in disadvantaged parts of the Third World so that they can build a better future for themselves. This means consumers and retailers must also pay enough to cover social and environmental costs.

Co-operatives of small farmers and plantations in developing countries can register in the producers' list of the Max Havelaar Foundation under a set of criteria, which includes maintaining contacts and checks and balances.

Checks are controls to ensure participating companies are honouring their trade agreements. These checks are important in several ways for all those involved. For example; small farmers and plantation workers need their products to be traded in a fair way. Consumers need to know that the premium they are paying for the products is actually reaching the people in developing countries.

In 1988 the first pack Max Havelaar-coffee was sold in the Netherlands. The idea for such a fair trade coffee came after a request form Mexican Coffee farmers for better coffee prices instead of development aid. A model for trademark coffee was created that is now known as the Max Havelaar-model. It stands for fair trade, giving people a fair chance and a better future. Since then 5 more products have entered the Dutch market: bananas, tea, chocolate, honey and orange juice. In al those years many producers farmers and workers achieved a better life standard for themselves and their families.

The Dutch initiative is now acted out in 16 countries world-wide. The international co-ordinating organisation for all of them is FLO International, located in Bonn Germany.

Max Havelaar Foundation imports Tea and pineapple pulps from India. The pineapple pulp is used for the production of the 'Tropical Mix' fruit juice sold under the Max Havelaar brand.

For information please contact Mrs. Wil Suiker.