Organisations active in India

The Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation
Interkerkelijke Co÷rdinatie Committee Ontwikkelingsprojecten - ICCO
Joseph Haydnlaan 2a
3533 AE Utrecht
Tel:030 - 692 78 11
Fax:030 - 692 56 14

Postal address:
P.O. Box 8190
3503 RD Utrecht

ICCO, The Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation was founded in 1964. In 2000 ICCO merged with SOH (Dutch Interchurch Aid - DIA) and Service Abroad (Dienst Over Grenzen - DOG).

ICCO developed her own programme for development co-operation in the seventies and eighties. In addition she was closely involved with developing a co-financing programme.

The work of ICCO consists in financing activities which stimulate and enable people, in their own way, to organise dignified housing and living conditions. ICCO's mission is to work towards a world where poverty and injustice are no longer present. ICCO strives for the structural reduction of poverty and the realisation of internationally recognised human rights.

ICCO co-operates with church and non-church organisations which are directly involved with the people who are the prime target group. ICCO respects the individual culture, history, and social role of the organisations concerned. In co-operating, ICCO considers it important to actively listen to, and think with these organisations.

ICCO has its roots in the Dutch Protestant-Christian churches and is partner in various national and international collaborations. Furthermore, ICCO will co-operate with anyone who shares its ideals. ICCO is actively involved in this wide range of collaborations to boost the effects of its financing work and to mobilize expertise and information that is available within its organisation for lobbying and counselling purposes.

ICCO finds its inspiration in the Christian tradition and mission, in experiences and stories from partners who mostly have a different cultural background and who have different sources of inspiration, and in dialogues about these matters within its organisation.

ICCO is one of the six co-financing organisations in the Netherlands and for performing its duties it receives about 133 million Euros from the Dutch and European governments, and from organisations participating in ICCO. ICCO is accountable to politicians and society for the way in which these moneys are spent.

ICCO is active in almost all developing countries including India. In India ICCO has 60 partners in India and in the year 2003 funding 45 projects.

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