Organisations active in India

HAMALO - Hulp Aan Medische Laboratoria in Ontwikkelingslanden
Assistance to Laboratories in Developing Countries
Wilhelminapark 52
3581 NM Utrecht
Tel:030 - 252 37 92
Fax:030 - 254 18 14

HAMLO is a committee of the Dutch Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists which aims at rendering assistance to laboratories in developing countries. The members of HAMLO are all experienced in laboratory technology in developing countries.
The assistance includes:
  • Giving advice about the most suitable laboratory procedures and supplying literature on request.
  • Acquiring equipment and other laboratory requisites in consultation with the applicant
  • Collecting, revising, adapting to the needs and dispatching on request simple and suitable equipment that has become surplus in Dutch hospital laboratories as a result of increasing automation.
  • Assisting laboratory technologists who like to be assigned abroad.
How does HAMLO work:
  • HAMLO is a small work group existing of volunteers only.
  • HAMLO deals mostly with second hand equipment.
  • HAMLO has his limitations about sending laboratory materials.
What to do when you want to ask for advice or materials?
  1. Read the request guidelines (when you ask for advice or materials for the first time.
  2. Fill in the checklist and send it to HAMLO bypost, fax or email.