Organisations active in India

Dental Health International Nederland
Postbus 3185
3760 DD Soest
Tel:035 - 60 32 536
Fax:035 - 60 32 530

Founded in 1976, the Dental Health International Netherlands (DAHIN) is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who are interested in the developing nations.

The aim of DAHIN is to improve the oral health care in developing countries. This is realised by:
  • providing personal, material and financial aid
  • stimulating national and international activities on oral health
  • raising funds to make these goals achievable
DHIN focuses its activities mainly on education projects and on preventive dental care and works closely with the Dutch and local governments as well as NGO's in the third world countries.

For information please contact Mr. B.S.J. Witte