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Youth for Development and Cooperation - YDC
International Secretariat
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YDC was born in 1947 as the youth branch of the World Federalist Movement. Its ultimate objective was to bring closer a New International Order founded on the principles of federalism. Back in 1976 it took a new name—Youth Movement for a New International Order (NIO Youth) - highlighting what was then the heart of the development debate. By 1986, the federalist child had become a full-fledged, independent development organisation. That year it opted for a new name - Youth for Development and Cooperation. This name still reflects the organisation’s primary concern and area of activities.

Now YDC is a global network for Development Education, Poverty Eradication and Social Justice issues in the field of youth. YDC works on these issues from a youth perspective together with over 100 organisations around the world.

YDC is an entirely autonomous organisation: non-aligned, non-religious, non-partisan and independent of its funding sources. YDC is a full member of the European Youth Forum and enjoys consultative status with Council of Europe, ECOSOC, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO and UNFPA. In addition, the organisation has close contacts with other intergovernmental agencies such as the Commission of the European Union, IFAD and UNICEF. YDC has developed through the decades, trying to answer the needs and challenges of young people worldwide from a development perspective.

YDC operates as an international network of youth organisations. It is a network of 66 (youth) development organisations worldwide. YDC members include local grassroots organisations, national NGOs and international organisations. Addtionally YDC also works with over 40 partner organisations and institutions around the world.

YDC has also an office in India  and the address of their Indian office is: