Organisations active in India

Dr Annette van der Hoek, PhD
Waterloostraat 95 b
3062 TJ Rotterdam
Tel:010-433 01 20 / 06-3847 1403

Samvaad is Hindi for ‘dialogue’ and that is exactly what institute Samvaad aims to do: to contribute to the dialogue between India and the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands Samvaad organises lectures, workshops, language-courses, storytelling and introductions to Indian films. And it does so ‘abc’: in the fields of academics, business and culture, the latter both popular and classical. Furthermore Samvaad has as profound interest in philosophy, yoga and meditation.

Samvaad offers for instance courses and private lessons Hindi and Sanskrit, paper readings on medieval mystic poets -but also on Bollywood- and workshops for companies who (seek to) do business with India.

Annette van der Hoek, PhD is an indologist. She lived and worked in Delhi for the past five years. Since her return to the Netherlands she is working on the development of her institute Samvaad.

Samvaad also offers tailor-made lectures, translations to and from Hindi (sworn in by the Dutch court) and freelance journalism regarding India