Organisations active in India

The Society of St.Vincent de Paul
Geestbrugweg 128
2281 CG Rijswijk
Tel:070-380 00 11
Fax:070 - 364 79 60
Giro 12540 (account for projects in India)

The Society of St.Vincent de Paul aims at the detection and relief of moral and social needs of individuals and groups, in order to contribute to promoting the general social well-being in continuous solidarity with the community.

This is being practised:
  • through personal, individual support and commitment in direct human relations with the needy;
  • through projects and activities in behalf of specific groups of people, suffering from identical human and social problems;
  • through voicing the needs and miseries of those, who are without voice in our communities;
  • through continuous search for more social justice and more humane social structures.

The SSVP renders its services and assistance to every individual irrespective of race, class or creed. The SSVP in her many folded activities wants to be fully loyal to the fundamental principles of the founding generation of the Society and like Saint Vincent de Paul and the blessed Frédéric Ozanam takes her inspiration from the evangelic mission and values related to charity and human dignity. The SSVP is continuously alive to and prepared for self-renewal and adaptation to the ever changing conditions of our world.

Since 1960, The Society of St.Vincent de Paul actively participates in different projects in India.