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A4A - Foundation Aqua for All
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To follow up on the successful ‘Water Overbrugt Wereldwijd’ project, KVWN was asked from many quarters to provide a structural continuation of the aid to water development projects in the world. KVWN (Royal Association of Drinking Water Supply in the Netherlands) and NVA (Dutch Association for Water Management) therefore decided to form the foundation A4A is the short name for the Aqua for All foundation.. A4A has the knowledge, means and of course money, to stimulate and support water projects in developing countries.

This foundation intends to create a link between Third World water and sanitation projects, sponsoring and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

By acting as a ‘hinge’ between all parties involved, A4A wants to tackle the scarcity of drinking water and sanitary facilities in developing countries in a structural way.

In 2003 A4a started a water conservation project in Shrikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Aqua for all is a partner of AQUANOVA Network. AQUANOVA is an initiative to create a communication network between and with various branch associations, publishers, companies and other organisations, involved in provision and exchange of information for the 'water industry' sectors.