Organisations active in India

Foundation for European Monitoring and Development Assistance (EMDA)
Broekhoekweg 20
7582 PT Losser
Tel:053 - 538 53 85
Fax:053 - 536 04 17

Mail Address:
EMDA Institute
p/a DTC centre
Postbus 100
7590 AC Denekamp

EMDA is a non-profit development organisation, supported by Governments and International Institutions, with particular emphasis on monitoring regional development and investment promotion including development of human resources and transfer of technology, based on small-scale operations (Micro development).

EMDA operates in close co-operation with other organisations and has the in-house capacity to establish joint-operations between locals and partners within the European Union, as well as in the Developing Countries associated with the EU.

The Organisation has access to EU Databases and is member of Asia Network, supported by the European Commission. EMDA is also member of the NGO-EU Network and is registered as NGO with EC-DG Development. EMDA is also registered as a NGO with ADB and EBRD.

With the Central Association in Luxembourg, the Organisation has individual operational offices in The Netherlands, Germany, Latvia and Romania, as well as units in Suriname, Fiji and Ghana. The computer-centre in Losser/The Netherlands co-ordinates project preparation, project documentation, project assistance and technical assistance including monitoring and training programs.

EMDA is associated with major development assistance organisations and EU-Institutions. Based on its status as an independent organisation, promoting development assistance required in selected areas, EMDA is accepted worldwide as an intermediary institution for development assistance. This status gives EMDA a special position to guarantee optimal assistance particularly to the Donor institutions and Financial Intermediaries.

In the past EMDA under the ECIP programme helped different Indian joint venture partners to come in contact with European partners. EMDA also participated in the relief and rehabilitation works in Gujarat and South India.

Photo's by courtesy of Matthew & Noboii Campman.