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Simavi is a public health organisation that believes everyone has a right to good health. This is why we work on people’s health in the poorest regions of developing countries. We focus specifically on the health of mothers, as they are the key to their family’s health. Together with them we take care of safe drinking water and sufficient hygiene, healthy pregnancies and children’s health. We also provide mothers with the knowledge they need to prevent diseases. Together with local organisations we offer direct and practical support. And we stand up for the interest of people. This works. For more than 85 years.

It was decided in the Strategic Vision 2009-2011 that Simavi, as a health organisation, will focus specifically on preventive healthcare. Simavi will pursue an integrated approach aimed at primary healthcare that strengthens the health system and helps this system connect to marginalised population groups. Thematically, Simavi focuses especially on:
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRGR)
  • Prevention of the most common diseases

In all its activities, Simavi pays particular attention to gender and sustainability.

Simavi supports local organisations in developing countries with funding, knowledge and contacts. Simavi concentrates on three intervention levels:
  • Structural poverty reduction
  • Capacity building of civil organisations
  • Policy influencing in developing countries (particularly at local levels) and in the Netherlands