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WASTE Advisers on urban environment and development
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WASTE is an adviser for development projects in countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. WASTE aims at sustainable improvement of the urban environment and amelioration of the living conditions of the low-income population.

WASTE has a multi-disciplinary consultancy team of experts on urban environment, solid waste management, urban planning, sanitation and environmental economy based in Gouda, the Netherlands. The team is backed up by an information officer who provides stakeholders with the available knowledge.

The network of expertise is constantly maintained and expanded in order to generate appropriate knowledge applicable to variating situations elsewhere. The emphasis of this network is on countries in the South and in Eastern Europe, to stimulate the exchange of experiences among the countries concerned. WASTE provides technological and methodological support in this knowledge sharing.

WASTE is active in four fields:
  • Solid waste management and resource recovery
  • Low-cost sanitation and liquid waste management
  • Community based environmental improvement
  • Micro­ and small enterprise development
The focus of activities is on low-income urban areas in order to develop with local residents tools and means for their own development, enabling them to improve their living conditions, the environment and to create employment as a sound economic base for their future.

Another important focal point for WASTE is the role of small-scale entrepreneurs and their (potential) contribution to the provision of urban services and their integration in the municipal services e.g. in resource recovery and the removal of urban waste.

WASTE carries out assignments in close co-operation with its local partners. Through short-term inputs, regular support is given to local organisations, which run their projects and are ultimately responsible for them.

In India Waste carried out a research programme Linking Formal & Informal Solid Waste Management Systems in Bangalore.
In collaboration with the Department of Social Geography at the University of Amsterdam, WASTE implemented the Livelihood and Environment Research Programme. The team performed research into the importance of the informal sector waste collection service as part of an overall solid waste management system in Bangalore, Madras and Hydrabad, and the manner in which the formal and informal systems could be linked. WASTE was involved in the development of a research manual to study the role of small enterprises and community groups in solid waste handling. A paper was written entitled "The pros and cons in recycling urban solid waste", which was presented during a workshop in Bangalore in which all actors of the local solid waste management system participated.

ISSUE is a current programme of WASTE. A part of this programme is located in India as well. They are working with organisations in Bangalore and Delhi who are making an inventory of the usefullness of Ecological Sanitation options in the two cities.

For information please contact Ms. Verele de Vreede M.Sc. Information Officer