Organisations active in India

NABUUR Foundation
Noorderpad 4
8355 AP Giethoorn
Tel:070 - 307 05 53
Web: is run by Stichting NABUUR, a Netherlands based not-for-profit-foundation. NABUUR is independent of any government, political ideology or religious creed. The NABUUR Foundation started on 30 October 2001.

The dream of Nabuur is to give tens of thousands of local communities (‘Villages’) in developing countries access to the resources they need to solve their problems.

There are a great many local communities that would be capable of solving their own problems themselves. If only they had access to the right resources. Resources that are available elsewhere in the world: information, existing solutions, expertise, ideas, man power, money.

What Nabuur is trying to do is bring ‘Villages’ all over the world into direct contact with people who live elsewhere and who want to help them. These people (‘Virtual neighbors’) can help by finding the resources needed by the local community.