Organisations active in India

Indian Dutch Education Agency
P. O. Box 169
5100 AD Dongen
Tel:0162 - 315 890
Fax:0162 - 314 903

I.D.E.A. is a foundation established in 1994. It has got two units: 
  • "Educational Development Unit" is to mediate between institutions in the Netherlands and India in the development of cooperative activities in Higher Education and Higher Vocational Education and Training, and support and assist in the development of exchange programs between institutions.
  • "Student Exchange Unit" is to offer exchange programmes for individual students who are pursuing higher Education and Higher Vocational Education and Training in The Netherlands and India.

The objectives of IDEA are:

  • promote mutual understanding between the people of India and The Netherlands, including the difference in culture, institutions and eventually language.
  • improve the quality of human resource development in India and The Netherlands.
  • improve the quality of student mobility, including the promotion of mutual understanding, recognition and thus portability of academic credits. 
  • encourage the exchange of expertise in new developments in higher education and vocational education and training, between institutes in India and The Netherlands.
  • build up a chain of partners among higher education, vocational education and training institutes, professional associations, public authorities, business and other institutions both in India and The Netherlands.