Organisations active in India

Peace Brigades International

Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a non-governmental organization offering unarmed international protective accompaniment to human rights activists, refugees, and communities threatened with violence.

When invited, PBI sends teams of volunteers into areas of repression and conflict. The volunteers accompany human rights defenders, their organizations and others threatened by political violence. Perpetrators of human rights abuses usually do not want the world to witness their actions. The presence of volunteers backed by a support network helps to deter violence.PBI creates space for local activists to work for social justice and human rights.

PBI volunteers and supporters around the world demonstrate that individuals working together can act boldly as peacekeepers even when governments cannot or will not.

The Dutch section of PBI has existed since 1989. PBI is represented in the Dutch Council of Peace organizations and participates in a joint Dutch NGO project to investigate possibilities for preventive action in conflict zones.

Information of PBI Netherlands can be obtained from::
C/O Joke Edenburg
Tel:078 - 631 89 69

The address of the International office of PBI is:
International Office
The Grayston Centre
28 Charles Square
London N1 6HT
Tel:00-44-20-7324 4628
Fax:0114-316 488