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Terre des Hommes
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The Terre des Hommes movement was founded in 1959 in Lausanne (Switzerland) and means, in French, earth of humanity. Subsequently, other Terre des Hommes groups were created in various countries. In 1966, they joined together to form the International Federation Terre des Hommes. Over the years, the activities of the Terre des Hommes movements evolved from an initial concept of assisting individual children towards a community based approach. The present trend is to address the causes of the problems that affect children, whilst respecting local cultures.

Terre des Hommes Netherlands is an aid organisation focussing on children and supporting about 275 projects in various countries including India. These include school and training projects, initiatives for street children, working children, child prostitutes and refugee children. It also runs food security and healthcare programmes.

Terre des Hommes helps people to liberate themselves from oppression and economic hardship. It seeks to empower them to try out their own ideas about a life lived in dignity. Terre des Hommes does not send out field workers, preferring to promote local initiatives: with money, advice and networking facilities.

Terre des Hommes endeavours - through campaigns, lobbying and publicity - to influence Dutch political and business circles in the interest of children suffering hunger, exploitation or the aftermath of war.

Terre des Hommes is one of the 5 aid-organisations recognised by the Dutch Foreign Ministry.