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Den Haag
NMCP - The Netherlands Management Cooperation Programme
PUM - Programma Uitzending Managers
Bezuidenhoutseweg 12
2594 AV 's-Gravenhage
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Mailing address:
Postbus 93078
2509 AB Den Haag

PUM is an international job agency with a difference. It is for professional volunteers. PUM has played an important role in the field of international development assistance for the past 26 years, sending senior experts to more than 70 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. Upon request, PUM’s experts offer their skills and experience to businesses and organisations in places where these are most needed. In the course of their careers, PUM’s advisers have gained extensive experience in nearly every conceivable field. These experts are independent and work on a voluntary basis (they receive no wages). Since its establishment in 1978, PUM has become Europe’s largest ‘job agency’ for professional volunteers who wish to work in developing countries.

Most of PUM’s clients are medium or small businesses and organisations in developing countries. By clearly defining the goals of its (short-term) missions in advance, PUM ensures that the help will reach those who need it most. The recipients must demonstrate that they cannot afford to pay for external advisers. Subsidiaries of foreign companies do not qualify for assistance. The firm or organisation must also be prepared to pay for the expert's local costs, such as housing and other expenses.

The PUM experts have a broad range of expertise. It has assigned experts to advise firms in just about every sector of industry, including construction, textile, metal and wood processing, chemicals and agriculture.

PUM is now active in more than 70 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. PUM works - in principle - in countries in which the Dutch Ministries of Foreign and Economic Affairs are active. PUM also sends senior experts to countries with which the Netherlands has historic ties.

In India PUM has 10 local representatives.

For information please contact Mr Jaap van de Vijver.