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Novib (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Internationale Ontwikkelingssamenwerking) is a Dutch non-governmental organisation and was established in 1956. Novib became a member of the Oxfam organisation in 1994 and works together closely with the eleven sister organisations of Oxfam International and with more than 3,000 local organisations. Since 18-03-2006 Novib has merged together with Oxfam International and operates under the name Oxfam Novib

Oxfam Novib is a worldwide movement of people with a single, communal goal: a just world which is free of poverty for everyone. A just world means a honest income, enough food, clean drinking water, a proper education, safety and freedom of speech. Millions of people around the world are still not receiving what they are entitled to. People are fighting for these rights in many countries throughout the world. And Novib has joined them in this fight by supporting local development projects, by influencing the policy of national and international governments and organisations and by campaigning in the Netherlands.

This approach enables people in developing countries to stand on their own two feet and is aimed at achieving a sustainable result. Future generations will also benefit from the progress made. The more people are involved the stronger Novib stands.

Oxfam Novib works to ensure that poor people have access to basic rights by means of: support for local development projects initiated by private organisations in developing countries. advocacy by lobbying national governments, the European Union, international organisations such as the World Bank or the World Trade Organisation and the United Nations.

Campaigning to make people worldwide aware of the injustices in the world and to show what they can do about them either via Novib or in some other way. Oxfam Novib has 11 sister organisations and morer than 3.000 local organisations across the world and in the Netherlands.

Oxfam Novib supports various local organisations in different countries of the world including India. Novib has two offices in India - one in Bangalore and the other in Bhubaneshwar.

In India Novib has for example the following organisations:

Photographs by courtesy of Novib.