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Kinderstem, Memisa, Mensen in Nood and Vastenaktie are part of Cordaid. Cordaid is the moving force behind Kinderstem, Memisa Medicus Mundi, Mensen in Nood (Caritas Netherlands), and Vastenaktie (Dutch Lenten Campaign) in the Netherlands. They organize public and fund raising campaigns, each from their own point of view.

As of 2005 Kinderstem is an independent organisation within Cordaid.

Kinderstem concentrets fully to give structural help to the streetchildren in the slums.
In India Kinderstem supports the work of ECHO (Empowerment of Children and Human rights Organisation).

Antony Sebastion started ECHO in 2001. He and his colleagues focus on the care, counselling and legal support of the street children in Bangalore, a city in the south of India. Antony Sebastion is an Indian lawyer. He partly studied in the Netherlands. In this period he did research on the legal situation of street children in Bangalore. After his return to India he decided to start ECHO to help these children.