Organisations active in India

The Hague
Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD)
Javastraat 58
2585 AR The Hague
Tel:070 - 345 69 75 / 06 - 164 94 311
Fax:070 - 345 34 11

Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) is an international human rights organization with the objective of promoting human rights for those areas where severe violations have victimized relatively large populations.

Global Human Rights Defence has the aim to specifically address those areas and populations of the world where severe and extensive human rights violations of certain ethnic and religious minorities have taken place for long periods, and where structural help and global attention of the international media have proven to be absent or insufficient. GHRD officially was founded after the "The Hague 2003 International Conference on Human Rights".

GHRD has also a representative in India.