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EuronAid is a European network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) founded in 1981 as a non-profit association under Dutch law, owned and guided by member NGOs active in the field of Food Aid and Food Security (FA & FS). The main purpose of EuronAid is to facilitate the implementation of NGO programmes and to promote a critical dialogue on food aid and food security policies with the European Commission (EC) as well as with other interested parties. NGOs, members and non-members, from European and Southern countries benefit from EuronAid services.

EuronAid is a specialised and operational European NGO Network whose members are active in the implementation of Food Aid and Food Security programmes mainly funded by the European Commission. EuronAid facilitates and supports the implementation of these programmes.

EuronAid has 42 members (August 2004) and serves more than 100 other NGOs worldwide. The members, in two general assemblies per year, actively determine the strategy of the association and guide the EuronAid Secretariat. Specialised working groups on EC Procedures and Practices, Information and Training and Food Security (EFSG) work with the Secretariat to elaborate and provide up-to-date information to members and propose improvements on current EC procedures and policies.

EuronAid provides professional services for its members, other Northern NGOs and their Southern partners, the European Commission as well as other institutional donors on a competitive and non-profit basis.

In India EuronAid has worked with organisations like Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, Missionaries of Charities, Bombay Salesian Society, BalaMandir Founding Hospital,  Don Bosco, Kolkatta etc.etc.

For information please contact Mr R. Hynderick.
Photographs by courtesy of EuronAid.