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Cordaid, an international development organization based in the Netherlands, devotes its heart and soul to the poorest and those who are deprived of their rights in over 40 developing countries. The source of inspiration for Cordaidís work is Catholic Social Thought. Cordaid believes that every person counts. Values such as respect for life, solidarity and love for oneís fellow human beings form the basis for Cordaid's mission which focuses on poverty alleviation, justice, and peace.

At the end of 1999, Cordaid was established through a merger between three Catholic development organizations: Memisa Medicus Mundi, Mensen in Nood (Caritas Netherlands) and Bilance (former Cebemo and Vastenaktie / Dutch Lenten Campaign). These organizations were rooted in traditions that dated back to the start of the twentieth century. They dedicated themselves to providing shelter and care for refugees, relief aid, medical care, and poverty alleviation in developing countries. They all shared the evangelical dedication of solidarity with people who are, for whatever reason, in need of help. They had the support of large sections of the Dutch population and were able to assist hundreds of Dutch orders and congregations of priests, sisters, brothers, and volunteers in their care for the people.

Over the years, Cordaid supported an increasing number of development organizations, including organizations that are no longer directly linked to missionaries. Circumstances have changed: the number of Dutch missionaries is rapidly declining. However, the gospel and the Catholic Social Teaching that is based on it, remain the source of inspiration for Cordaid. In many cases, the missionaries have handed over their work to local organizations in developing countries. Today, these support the poor and help build social organizations. Cordaid cooperates with over a thousand local organizations worldwide.

Cordaid believes in peopleís individual strength. For this reason they work together with local organizations. Organizations that operate on one of Cordaidís spearheads: less poverty in the cities, a higher income for the poor, better health care and sustainable peace. There is extra attention for HIV/AIDS in Africa, a disease that has disastrous effects on society.

Cordaid is the moving force behind Kinderstem, Memisa Medicus Mundi, Mensen in Nood (Caritas Netherlands), and Vastenaktie (Dutch Lenten Campaign) in the Netherlands. They organize public and fund raising campaigns, each from their own point of view.

Cordaid is active in 44 countries including India.