Organisations active in India

Stichting Madras
Johanna Reintjesstraat 81
4822 VM Breda
Tel:076 -541 10 40
Fax:076 -541 10 40

The Madras foundations vision:
“to provide humane living circumstances for the people of India and Sri Lanka”.

The Madras foundation provides physical and financial assistance creating projects in India and Sri Lanka to enhance the lives for the people of India and Sri Lanka. These projects are initiated by the needs and requests of the people from India and Sri Lanka.

Some of the projects the Madras foundation supports are:
  • Healthcare; Care for the aged
  • Youth and Child care
  • Family Planning
  • Palliative care
  • H.I.V. patients
  • Education and building educational facailities
  • Housing
  • Renewable energy projects; (Sun, wind and bio-energy)