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Duniya Foundation
Schoterdijk 1
8538 RL Bantega

Duniya Foundation is a secular, humanitarian organization, offering aid regardless of race, politics and religion

The major objective of Duniya Foundation is to improve the accessibility of primary health care and social aid for the inhabitants of Nagwa, a slum area in Varanasi in northern India. Duniya co-financed the construction of a social centre cum health clinic in Nagwa, staffed by teachers, a social worker and a trained nurse. Key projects: basic health care, pre- and postnatal care, education, structuring social awareness programmes and organizing women’s groups.

Most of the inhabitants of Nagwa are barred from basic health care. Poverty, low social (caste) status and lack of knowledge and education are among the decisive reasons why newborns or young mothers die during childbirth, why tuberculosis is rampant, and why people are condemned to blindness because they cannot afford a simple, relatively cheap cataract operation.

It is the explicit aim of Duniya Foundation that the project in Nagwa in due course will be run exclusively by our Indian co-workers, with the financial support of Duniya Foundation.

Photo's with kind permission of Duniya Foundation.