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Agriterra is an initiative of the Dutch organisation for Agriculture and Horticulture and its regional departments, the Dutch rural women's organisations and their federation, the National Co-operative Council for agriculture and horticulture, the Dutch Agricultural Youth organisation. Agriterra was founded in 1997.

Agriterra's goal is to promote, facilitate and support lasting cooperation linkages between rural people's organisations in the Netherlands and in developing countries. 

Agriterra's target group consists of rural people's organisations and/or their international partners: farmers' and rural women's unions, (associations of) cooperatives, agrarian youth organisations, and other organisations with grassroots support (members) in rural areas.

Agriterra cooperates with rural people's organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. The development co-operation does not occur through governments or intermediaries, but is direct: from farmer to farmer, from rural woman to rural woman, from co-operative society to co-operative society.

In India the partner of Agriterra at present is the Federation of Farmers Associations in Andhra Pradesh (India). The e-mail address is: