Organisations active in India

Medic Foundation
Stichting Medical Equipment Distribution and Information Centre (MEDIC)
Joh. Bosboomstraat 29
7312 LM Apeldoorn
Tel:055 - 355 83 58
Fax:055 - 355 83 38

Medic is an organisation helping to provide medical goods and services to people in need in economically underdeveloped areas, irrespective of race, religion or creed.

Medic collects and repairs materials useful to health projects sponsored by relief organisations or private persons. Approximately 150 projects are performed annually. Based on requests from the field Medic experts design and manufacture basic medical products which are efficient but simple to use and that require little maintenance. These products are developed especially for use in rural areas, keeping in mind that power-failures occur, spare parts are often hard to get and service may be a problem.

In close co-operation with experienced surgeons in the field Medic technicians have designed a number of efficient products such as: operating table, operating lamp, delivery bed. Careful consideration is given to the appropriate usage of the goods.

Medical specialists and technicians are made available by Medic to work locally as Consultants and to facilitate the transfer of expertise.

Experience has shown that there is a clear demand for knowledge transfer from experienced experts. As far as possible Medic will comply with requests for assistance, by sending medical experts who are prepared to exchange their knowledge and experience for a couple of weeks in order to improve the local situation. It is emphasized that the accent is on the exchange of knowledge. The Medic Consultant always works under the responsibility of the counterpart. Medic will pay for the travelling expenses; the local party will take care of board and lodging and local transportation.

Medic Foundation is run by volunteers with backgrounds such as: medical specialists, nurses, hospital technicians, financial-, hospital- and technical managers, engineers, secretaries and general workers.

For information please contact Mr A. vd Gugten.