Organisations active in India

Foundation Wemos
Ellermanstraat 15
1099 BW Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 435 20 50
Fax:020 - 468 60 08

Postal address
Postbus 1693
1000 BR Amsterdam

Foundation Wemos aims to improve the health of men, women and children in developing countries by influencing international policy. This differentiates Wemos among Dutch relief and aid organizations. Wemos believes that international standards, legislation and agreements are necessary in protecting and promoting people's health in developing countries.

People in developing countries have a right to good health. Through their projects, Wemos wish's to contribute to the fulfilment of that right. The underlying principles of their activities are:
  • Good care and basic preconditions. Healthcare services must be of a good standard, must be accessible to all and must be offered promptly, when they are required. Moreover, certain basic preconditions to good health must be in place. These include clean water, sanitation, adequate food, education and information about health-related matters.
  • Equal access to essentials. Political, economic and institutional structures must guarantee equal access to the basic preconditions to all.
  • Democratic decision-making. Decisions concerning health policy must be taken through democratic processes.
  • Equality. Priority must be given to ensuring full equality between men and women.
Wemos focuses on three specific areas: In India with local partners Wemos has carried out filed research in the area of Health and the Private Sector.