Organisations active in India

Foundation Prosper and Share
Kerkstraat 373 sous
1017 HW Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 626 15 39
Fax:020 - 427 74 61

Since 2003 the Foundation Prosper and Share (P&S) supports small-scale initiatives in the area of education, public health and agriculture in the North East of India.

The villagers themselves start these initiatives. Prosper and Share gives them the necessary support in the start-up phase.

In Assam Prosper and Share supported the start of an orphanage and in Meghalaya they gave financial assistance to 9/7 Seng Khasi L. P. School.

At present Prosper & Share supports 6 school projects in East Khasi Hiils in the state of Meghalaya.-India 2004

For information plese contact Mr Ivo Eijgenraam.
Photographs by courty of Prosper and Share.