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Netherlands Leprosy Relief
Nederlandse Stichting voor Leprabestrijding - NSL
Wibautstraat 137
1097 DN Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 59 50 500
Fax:020 - 668 08 23

Postal address:
Postbus 95005
1090 HA Amsterdam

Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) was founded on 30 March 1967, with a commitment to promoting and supporting the fight against leprosy and the consequences of the disease. NLR is a founding member of ILEP - International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations. Nowadays NLR has over 100 projects in about 20 countries including India.

Leprosy is often a neglected disease. NLR concentrates on co-operation with the governments of leprosy endemic countries. NLR supports national leprosy control programmes, in which leprosy is dealt with in an integrated manner, meaning that leprosy patients should have access to general health service facilities, where they will be diagnosed and treated and provided with adequate care both during and after chemotherapy. The prime objective is to prevent leprosy patients from nerve damage and disability.

In the year 2003 NLR covered 5 states in India and treated 88.308 patients. Out of which 77.307 recovered. 11% of the treated patients were children. In 2003 the projects costs in India were Euro 664.183. In 2002 the project costs were Euro 1.050.250.

Each co-operation is laid down in a detailed project agreement with the local health authorities, that may last up to 20 years or longer. NLR is prepared to face the challenges of dealing with leprosy as a "normal" infectious disease within the general health care system in low prevalence circumstances. In addition, more attention will be given to patient care during and after chemotherapy.

Knowledge and skills of leprosy workers are of great importance for adequate leprosy control programmes. NLR gives high priority to training and education of local health staff and has a seperate organisation called Infolep. Through Infolep, Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) provides information on leprosy and related subjects. The objective is to establish and maintain a worldwide leprosy information network. The clients of Infolep include people working for NLR sponsored projects, medical doctors, students and other health professionals interested in leprosy.

Netherlands Leprosy Relief works very closly with the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT).