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Foundation Karunalaya
Venetiehof 189
1019 NE Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 685 41 06 / 06 - 48 37 13 29
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The Foundation Karunalaya was established in December 2004 with the aim of supporting Karunalaya Social Service Society of Chennai. The second aim is to make the Dutch public aware of the plight of the street children of Chennai and the work done by Karunalaya to help these children.

Founded in 1995, Karunalaya Social Service Society is a registered non-profit voluntary organisation, recognised by the Government of India, working for the welfare and development of runaway street children and people in the fishing community of Northern Chennai. Some of the activities of Karunalaya are:
  • Provided formal and non-formal education.
  • Provide the school students with educational materials such as school bags, books, notebooks, obligatory uniforms, school fees, etcetera.
  • Rescue children (boys) who live on the street without their parents and give shelter to runaway children and take them off the street by providing shelter, food and medical help.
  • Where possible locate the parents and reintegrate the chidlren with their families and carry out the necessary follow-up.
  • Give vocational training like tailoring and help the boys to obtain driving licence.
  • Form women's group as part of the empowerment process.
  • Conduct evening classes for the destitute children free of cost.
In the past Karunalaya Social Service Society received financial aid from the Stichting Wilde Ganzen/IKON. The address of Karunalaya in India is:
Karunalaya Social Service Society
Centre for Street and Working Children
Surya Narayana Road
Desia Nagar
New Washermenpet
Chennai,-600 081
Tel:00 - 91 - 44 - 597 1214

For information plese contact Ms. Anne Slingerland, Secretary