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Saved Tools Foundation
Stichting Gered Gereedschap
M.van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 32
1054 SP Amsterdam
Tel:020 - 683 96 09
Fax:020 - 612 45 02

Postal address
Postbus 3767
1001 AN Amsterdam

Stichting Gered Gereedschap is a nation-wide organisation of volunteers which collects and refurbishes used tools for the benefit of small scale projects in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. The head office in Amsterdam co-ordinates 200 collecting points where companies, organisations and individuals can donate their tools. In accordance with standard quality requirements these tools are revised, cleaned and repaired in over 30 independent workshops. Stichting Gered Gereedschap is a registered non-governmental organisation with neither political nor religious affiliations. The work of the foundation is financed through fundraising, sponsorships and private donations.

Gered Gereedschap supports small scale local initiatives that will lead to economic independence. Considered therefore are applications submitted by locally organised projects which focus on income generation, self sufficiency and/or employment creation. Extra preference is given to projects which pay attention to the position of women, marginalised groups, ecological awareness and/or environmental protection. The foundation only supports projects in which the target group is involved in both the preparation/decision making and execution of the project. All requesting organisations have to be able to provide sufficient information about their aims and working methods. Receiving organisations also have to report back about the development of the project and the use of the tools after a given donation.

In principal Gered Gereedschap will not support:
  • private persons/individuals
  • organisations that already receive extensive support from other (international) funds
  • large scale and already long established organisations
  • organisations in Eastern-Europe
  • governmental organisations and state institutions that are largely subsidised by local authorities
Gered Gereedschap mainly delivers handtools and small electrical equipment. The amount of tools that can be provided depends on available stock and has a minimum of one cubic meter (1m3). In general Gered Gereedschap can deliver tools for the following vocational trades:
  • carpentry and joinery
  • metalwork
  • automechanics
  • building and construction
  • electrical engineering
  • sewing
The foundation never gives financial support and does not deliver specialised heavy machinery, agricultural implements, building materials, household appliances or office equipment.

Besides the delivery of tools the foundation also takes care of the transportation to the nearest harbour in the country of destination (for landlocked countries overland transport will, if possible, also be arranged). The requesting organisation does not have to pay for either tools or transport but is however responsible for the costs of clearing the tools and the costs for transport from harbour to final destination.

In India The Foundation supported small scale industries in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

For information please contact Mr. J. den Blanken.