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Both ENDS supports the work of environmental organisations in the so-called South (developing countries) and in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. The main objective is to implement sustainable forms of natural resource management in the South. To achieve this objective, Both ENDS enhances the capacity of NGOs in the South by supporting them in fundraising, research, advocacy, campaigning and networking. For that purpose Both ENDS produces funding guides, research- and lobby guidelines and helps to build coalitions between NGOs. Both ENDS is not a funding agency, but mediates for funding.

The rationale of the organisation is to connect both ends of the world, the North and the South, by exchanging knowledge and experience in order to make decision-takers and development-donors in the North aware of the achievements and the needs of local development groups in the South. Sustainable ecological projects, rooted in local peoplesí knowledge and managed bottom-up, are documented and made available for other NGOs and governmental organisations, both in the South as in the North. Viable local environmental initiatives can thus get a global impact.

An important initiative of Both ENDS to achieve this global impact is the Encyclopedia of Sustainability, which identifies and documents a collection of innovative, people-oriented environmental initiatives, worldwide. These initiatives highlight concrete alternatives in the field of ecological restoration, food sovereignty, integrated river basin management, land rights & natural resources management, non-timber forest products, and urban sustainability.

Except for providing service, Both ENDS also plays a role as a strategic partner, working as an equal and active member of specific networks of NGOs that share common objectives and approaches in promoting ecologically sustainable livelihoods. To advance the cause of environment and social justice, Both ENDS also undertakes and supports activities that directly contribute to policy changes of governments, multilateral institutions and the private sector. Through policy dialogue, advocacy and lobby Both ENDS aims at facilitating and initiating policymaking in the Netherlands and worldwide on issues such as fair trade, climate change or genetic modification. Within the framework of the MFI Information Centre, international financial institutions are monitored, ultimately aiming for reform of, and improvements in the environmental performance, accountability and transparency of the World Bank, the IMF and the regional development banks.

Both Ends receives annually between 150 - 200 proposals from India. They have several partners in India. For a list of their Indian partners see their web page with Asia and Pacific contacts.