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The story of Oikocredit dates back to the Uppsala Assembly of the World Council of Churches in 1968, when politically engaged church people demanded an alternative investment instrument for churches. In 1975,seven years, later, Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society - EDCS was a fact. EDCS is now Oikocredit.

Oikocredit means believing that poor people can build themselves a better life if only given the chance, if only given credit.

Oikocredit, as a worldwide cooperative society, promotes global justice by challenging people, churches and others to share their resources through socially responsible investments and by empowering disadvantaged people with credit.

Oikocredit loans are directed at groups: cooperatives of small-scale farmers, microfinance institutions etc.

Oikocredit now supports marginalized people in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, through 360 projects. However, rather than working ambitiously worldwide, Oikocredit decided to concentrate on focus countries. India is one of the focus countries and the address of their Indian office is:

The address of their office in India is:
Suvarna Gandham
4Plot 47, Navanirmannagar
Jubilee Hills Road 71
Hyderabad 50033
Tel:040 - 2355 47 29
Fax:040 - 2355 47 29

For example the following projects in India received support from Oikocredit:
  • Matha Memorial Education Trust:
    Project combines the training of nurses with extending of medical services to very poor inhabitants of 10 villages.
  • Nirmalgram Vanitha Dairy Central Society:,br> Society of 10,000 female dairy farmers improves its dairy processing facilities and extends credit to members.
  • SHARE,Society for Helping Awakening poor through Education
    Highly successful microcredit company owned by 20,000 member women provides small agricultural and trade loans to members.
  • SIDA Rubber Goods Training Centre
    Enterprise started by development NGO producing rubber goods expands production to benefit 3,650 workers and farmers providing the raw material