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The Edukans Foundation is an organiastion within the UnieNzv. UnieNzv is the product of the merger between the "Unie Christelijke Onderwijs" and NZV. The areas where Edukans is active are as follows:

  • Edukans Foundation supports educational projects in favour of underprivileged children and youngsters in developing countries including India.
  • Edukans Foundation involves children and youngsters in the Netherlands in education in developing countries and in development co-operation.
  • Edukans Foundation aims to realize this objective by fundraising, publicity and all other legal means instrumental in it.
  • Edukans Foundationīs project funding focuses on projects in the field of education, generally speaking: on accessibility, quality and relevance of basic education. Target groups are underprivileged children and youngsters who – for various reasons - lack the knowledge and life skills to come out of the vicious cycle of poverty and underdevelopment.

Every child has the right to education, but worldwide approximately 130 million children are not going to school. Underprivileged children and youngsters include: poor children, handicapped children, refugee children, orphans, working children, street children, girls and victims of AIDS.

In India Edukans has projects in Orissa, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc. and works with different partners. For example near Delhi Edukans supports Deepalaya in a project involving the street children.

Per year Deepalaya gives education to over 40,000 children involved their families and communities in integrated development and other issue based areas. It is a registered society under Societies Act of India. Deepalaya's focus and entry point is child. Unit of development is the family. Organization of community is the approach, through which empowerment, capacity building and social transformation are attempted. Hence it is a long-term strategy for emancipating the whole community, through interventions at three levels i.e., the child, the family & the community with extra emphasis on child specially girl child, street child and disabled child.

The address of Deepalaya is:
46,Institutional Area, D Block
New Delhi - 110 058
Tel:011-2554 8263, 2559 0347, 2559 5326
Fax:011 - 2554 0546

Urban And Rural Institute For Social Education (URISE) is another partner of EduKans in India.

The main activities of URISE include:
  • education/training
  • campaigns/activism
  • research/surveys
  • consultancy projects
  • networking
  • Improvement of the educational and living standard of rural women

The address of URISE is:
Urban And Rural Institute For Social Education (URISE)
2/145, Opposite to petrol tank
Madurai 625021
Tel:0452 - 85 86 87
Fax:0452 - 85 86 87